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At Taylor Trucking LLC, we don’t complicate things. Our deliveries arrive on time. Our shipments arrive in perfect condition. Our deliveries are affordably priced so that you get the best value for your dollar, every time. That’s why our clients are return clients. And we want you to become our next client.

If you need a trucking service that guarantees the continued, reliable, and rapid movement of goods in your supply chain, contact us for a quote.

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A Trucking Company That Puts Your Schedule First

We know that you’re running on tight deadlines, and missing those deadlines can hurt your bottom line. That’s why when you contract trucking services to us, we make every effort to adjust our schedule to suit yours. To ensure that delivery fulfillment comes first, we have streamlined our scheduling and organizational systems using the latest computer software. The added efficiency means fewer delays, more happy clients, and a lot more money saved.

This client-first approach has helped us become one of the top trucking companies in Tulsa.

Great Rates for Trucking Services

We’re constantly working to improve our processes and systems so that we can become more efficient than ever. And with every improvement in efficiency, we pass the savings on to you, our clients. That’s why when you compare our quotes with comparable trucking services, you will notice that your dollar goes a whole lot further with us. Our goal is to offer services that are affordable and reliable.

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Trusted Truck Drivers and Secure Shipments

We guarantee that your goods will arrive in the condition that they were dispatched in. It’s as simple as that. We only hire experienced truck drivers with years of experience behind them. We use a pre-employment screening program to view the pertinent records of all our drivers so that only the highest-caliber drivers become part of the crew.

Fully licensed, insured, and certified, our truck drivers are the VIPs of our team. They don’t just carry goods from point A to B. They ensure that our high standards are maintained in every delivery. For us, it’s all about safety and secure delivery fulfillment.

A Well-Maintained Fleet of Trucks

One of the keys to our success is our emphasis on the continued maintenance, cleaning, inspecting, and upgrading of our fleet. We have fewer breakdowns or delays because of it. The products we ship get there on time because of it. And our drivers get to enjoy the benefits of vehicles that are always in great condition, making it both safer and more pleasurable to drive.

Our shippers can rest easy knowing that their goods are in safe hands.

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