Intermodal Trucking in Tulsa

If you need an affordable transportation solution for shipping goods across long distances, Taylor Trucking LLC’s intermodal trucking services are for you. We partner with leading railroad transportation companies and ports to offer our clients an exceptionally convenient, easy to track, and competitively priced intermodal trucking service.

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Why Choose Taylor Trucking LLC for Intermodal Transportation?

Intermodal transportation is perfect for companies that need to move loads of approximately 42,500 pounds or 21.25 tons. This number allows shippers to account for the weight of the intermodal shipping container and variations in the weight of cabs (and their fuel) throughout the transportation process. By following this simple rule, we ensure that our deliveries pass all inspections and get to their destination without the costly delays of non-compliance.

In most cases, freights that need to be shipped over 350 miles (per leg) are perfect for intermodal transportation. And, because of our close ties with rail lines and cargo ship companies, choosing Taylor Trucking LLC for your intermodal trucking service, means you can save big on your fuel costs and carbon footprint. Take advantage of these cost-saving opportunities by calling us today. We offer hassle-free, no-obligation quotes.

Detailed Quotes and Great Rates for Intermodal Trucking

When you call our office, one of our experienced agents will work with you to determine the most cost-effective and efficient transportation solution for you. With years of industry experience, we provide invaluable insight into the contrasting benefits of various transportation plans. By drafting several possible routes, our goal is to give you a comprehensive understanding of your options so that you can make an informed decision for your business.

The result will be an accurate service quote that outlines all costs and offers the best transportation solution for your shipping needs. Let’s work together.

Let Our Shipping Experts Do the Packing

Intermodal shipments are typically packed once and only unpacked at the destination. Rather than the goods themselves being moved from one container to another, the whole container will be moved from one form of transportation to the next. Because the container will experience quite a bit of movement, it’s imperative that it is properly packed.

Our experienced packers employ advanced, industry-standard blocking and bracing techniques to ensure that everything inside the container will stay put during the transportation process. Working with an intermodal trucking company like Taylor Trucking LLC means you can reduce your transportation costs while knowing that your shipment is in safe hands.

Call the Trucking Company Committed to Your Schedule

We know how complicated shipping can be when you need to work with multiple carriers at once. That’s why we’re here. We leverage our cross-industry connections to create transportation solutions that fit your schedule and your budget. We aim to deliver on-time every time. We want you to benefit from our devotion to customer care and the most competitive intermodal trucking services in the industry.

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